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Love Beyond Pole and Aerial Arts


Just recently, Elite Aerial Arts shared a video featuring all instructors. More than just for promotion, it was rather a celebration of talent and individuality.

From my point of view, I was in the presence of artists who I looked up to when I was just attending various pole, dance and aerial classes to lose weight in preparation for my wedding back in 2012. Six years later, their passion remains aflame.

I also had with me my former students who I've seen grow to eventually become instructors themselves. They are my hoop babies who will always hold a piece of my heart. It's beyond words. It's an unexplainable feeling that I'm privileged enough to have.

Also there were beautiful persons who I chanced upon somewhere along the way who turned Elite Aerial Arts around giving it a bolder persona.

Finally, there's Kat. I'm specifically mentioning her because she shared the seat next to me all throughout this crazy ride. We had our ups and downs yet our friendship had turned into a sisterhood forged through time. We were the young bloods who envisioned ourselves as teachers with genuine concern towards the growth and success of our future students because it is easier (and right) to lift a person up rather than drag them down.

I have high respect for each of these persons. I'm a believer that seniority or years in the industry should not be the gauge for one's entitlement of respect. Each are masters of their respective craft. Because of our shared passion, the pole, dance and aerial industry continue to thrive.

I started to write this blog post with a different idea in mind (my recollection of the video shoot while I was seven months pregnant) and ended with my appreciation for each and everyone of the instructors at Elite Aerial Arts. More than teaching, you cared for our students. You laughed with them and shared time with them even beyond your schedule.

Because of you all, many have found a home at our studio. It is yours, as much as it is mine.

So yeah, this blog post is my way of paying tribute and saying thank you to everyone.



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