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"I love it here! The teachers are very friendly and encouraging, especially Teacher Nesh and Teacher Kat. I'm very out-of-shape but they helped me throughout the class. Super enjoyed the aerial silk, aerial circuit and power stretch classes. There's a gym besides the studio where I do my circuit training, a lemon juice bar, restaurants (recovery food) and has parking space! Definitely going back!"



"Very awesome coaches
and very clean studio"


"They have the most amazing and friendly coaches. I love them all!"


"Thank you so much for the encouragement! We will definitely coming back and try all the other classes! I truly am amazed on how talented, inspiring and patient the coaches are! Also the studio is amazing!"


"First time to visit the studio. Loved it! Will definitely be a regular Saturday and Sunday habit for me. People are nice and accommodating. Keep up the awesome job, Elite!"


Been going to this studio for a month now. It's a very healthy environment. It's a very body-positive community where women of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable with their own bodies, feeling no pressure to conform to any standards. The teachers are very accomplished in their own respective fields, they are also very encouraging and welcoming; the staff is very respectful and competent; the area itself is always kept very clean (even the mirrors are kept spotless). The facilitites (like the bathrooms) are spacious, clean and functional. If you start going to this studio, you'll want to come back every day!


"This newbie is definitely coming back for more. Pole 101 is a treat, and even if I'm not very good at it right now, there's no reason I can't do it in the future. Flexible class options encourage interest and attendance. I'm looking forward to Bellydancing and more Pole soon!"


"They have the best and kindest teachers!  What I love about them is that, they will push you to your limit and will help you achieve your goal, godbless and more power to Elite family."


"Spacious dance floor, clean restrooms/shower, very accommodating staff, and very gifted teachers."


"This new studio, just a hop away from my home in Quezin City, is a big, cozy and clean place to make new friends and meet old friends who love to dance and stay fit, and to enjoy new aerial and dance classes. A parkour and gym stands right beside it for those who enjoy other types of workout. There too are adequate number of changing areas, toilets, parking and cool places to eat and drink just around the studio's vicinity. Instructors are seasoned teachers in the field of aerial arts and pole dance. Since its opening just a few months ago, additional facilities are being installed and those are just something one can really look forward to. See you there!"


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